Friday, July 21, 2006

I babysat a Chihuahua

Look who I got to babysit today! This is my next door neighbor's chihuahua puppy. You will be seeing this as a painting soon!

Sadie is not impressed with her new visitor, who is rudely eating HER food.

Here's another painting in progress!!!!

First Wash

2nd Wash

3rd wash - Notice I made the foreground grass darker than the background grass. I chose a really dark background to emphasize the graceful curves of the horses' backs.

This painting just didn't look right for a long time, and I finally figured it out. I needed to make the shadows darker to give more definition to the horses. This is called tone, which is how light or dark something is. Tone is THE most important part of a painting to make it look realistic. I had to fiddle with the tones a lot with this painting. Since it's a white horse, it was tricking me into thinking I needed to leave the horse light. But even white horses have shadows! So I kept darkening until he looked right.


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