Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cats and Motorcycles...

Here's what I've been working on...

I continue to try to refine my technique, and I love how this ear came out. In order to achieve the subtle gradations in tone, I had to wet the whole area, then put richer paint in the darker areas, and more diluted in the lighter. Then, the water moves the paint particles, and achieves affects only possible with watercolor. This is what makes watercolor an exciting medium for me - the water does the work!

This is a commission I'm working on. It's huge!

I use a different technique on a project like this. Each part of the bike has to be painted like a separate painting, each done individually. This piece is 30x36 inches (Hundreds of little paintings!)

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Vidya said...

wow Rachel. thanks for sharing your techniques.
Let me introduce myself.
Im Vidyadhar Kumthekar from India. Im software professinal by occupation and I love watercolors and just a newbee. The animal you paint are just wonderful. wish one day I could paint like you.