Sunday, October 05, 2008

A lot goes into a painting before any paint goes on the paper. The picture below needs some adjustments. For example, the kitty's leg is hanging straight down. Straight lines are boring and make a painting seem rigid. It would add a lot more movement to slant that leg a bit more. Also, I wanted to change the eyes. As is, I feel the cat's glazed stare is a bit disconcerting for what I'm trying to accomplish. I want this painting to convey humor but also the comfort of the kitty despite the awkward spot he's decided to nap on. So I stuck some different eyes on, one half closed, as if this kitty is having a hard time staying awake.

Thank you, goenetix on flickr for letting me use your pic!!!

Aaaaaaaaah, better. I think now I'm ready to paint : )

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