Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thoughts about art

One of the scariest things about creating art I think is the fact that you're sharing a little bit of yourself with your viewer. An artwork, I believe, reveals a part of the artist's soul. I think it's so important for the artist to be honest, and paint what their heart calls them to paint. That is the artist's sacrifice, to open the soul to others, even if it's scary. This, for me at least, is ultimately done to provide comfort, connection and peace to the patron of the artwork.

So much can be accomplished through art. The viewer may gain a sense of comfort when they realize they are not the only one to experience what that artist has portrayed. Perhaps the art will stimulate a thought or an inspiration, which will drive the viewer to a deeper exploration and questioning of currently held habits of thinking and existing. It may or may not bring about change, but at least bring the viewer out of their comfortable line of thinking, to "try on" a new vision, without having to "buy it" if you will.

I think one of the most beautiful things art can express is the Devine in the every day. It is often easy to see the divine in great things, but it's so important to slow down and find the Devine in simple moments. After all, a savior was born in a manger; monks find bliss meditating on their breathing. I truly believe that some of our most sacred moments occur in the quiet solitude of humble moments such as these: listening to a cat purr, a cricket chirp, our very inhalations and exhalations. I hope my art expresses some of these sentiments to the viewer.


grayctrainer said...

Your sentiments are very true and I agree wholeheartedly.
Your work is inspiring and brings beauty into the world, which I believe art is supposed to do.
It is a joy to view your paintings.

Ann said...

Very well put Rachel. Any time you create something, you are putting your self into it. So when ever some one is positively effected by what you create it effects you in the same way. There is pleasure on both sides of the creative force.

Sharon Whitley said...

I agree as well and it took me some time to be able to show my paintings to others probably for this reason, I love that middle painting of the girl lying in the sun, something I like to do - looking up at the sky lost in my thoughts - that's when we have the weather for it of course!

Amy Bryce said...

I also love the watercolor of the young woman sky-gazing. What a nice painting.

Hani Hani said...

What a nice piece. I like the girl lying down on the ground. All your watercolour touch is amazing.;)

RachelParker said...

Thank you so much Hani Hani! And thank you Amy, Sharon, Ann and GrayC, I've been terrible following up with this blog since I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc etc. It's hard to keep up with everything!!!