Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Inn at Middleton Place

For my birthday, my fiance treated me to a weekend at The Inn at Middleton Place in Charleston, SC. This pic isn't that great, but I wanted to show how wonderful the windows are - we looked out over the serene Ashley River.
Tao and me
The view right in front of the Inn.

A friendly resident. The Middleton Inn is on the grounds of the Middleton Estate, which has been turned into a museum. You can tour the stable yards, house, gardens (my favorite, even in winter!). They have artisans giving demonstrations of weaving, woodworking, tanning, and lots more.
Who let the sheep out?

There are trails from the Inn over to the Museum grounds. Before Tao got up, I found a bike and enjoyed a quiet ride all over the gardens. Later we found out the hard way bikes aren't allowed in the gardens. Come to think of it, I think we were supposed to rent the bikes, and I just grabbed a loose one. Woops : )

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Michel McNinch said...

Wow, Rachel. Those photos are fantastic. Hope to see some paintings from some of them. Congratulations on your wedding plans.