Monday, August 31, 2009

Win prizes and help me win a trip to NYC!!!!

Help me and win goodies!
Way #1 - Wishlist my trip on trazzler and get your name entered in the random drawing every 3 nights to get a goody
Way #2 - Get 5 of your friends to wishlist my trip. For every set of 5 friends, I'll send you a free print. Got 20 friends? That would be 4 free prints!! See below for details...

I was nominated as a semifinalist on trazzler for a story I wrote about one of the places I went to on my honeymoon. (Before my life as an artist, I wanted to be a travel writer). If you wishlist me, I'll put your name in a drawing, and every three days I'll draw a name and send that person a goody in the mail. The list of prizes include an original painting, cards with envelopes, and prints. If you win, you are welcome to choose what kind of picture you like. I don't want to send a cat to a dog lover. At the very end of the contest, September 14th after 8 pm, I'll put ALL the names in for a drawing of an original painting.

Sound like fun? Let's get me a $10,0000 trip to NYC!!! If I win, I'll send EVERYONE a goody! So go to and click on the green wishlist button under the picture of the Yulong River. You'll have to sign up for Trazzler first, but if you have a Facebook account, you can directly connect and be a member automatically, so it's very easy! The first drawing for a goody will be tomorrow night. After you're all signed up, go to my trip and wishlist me! It will show who has wishlisted me, so it is from that list that I will draw names for the free goody. If you have five friends wishlist me, and they tell me they are your friend, I'll send you a free print of your choice. For every set of five friends, I'll send you a free print.

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Art with Liz said...

Rachel I tried but got stuck - my computer skills are sorely lacking! Will try again some time, but am keeping fingers crossed for you.