Friday, May 14, 2010

Win Original watercolor art during my summer fundraiser

I'm going to be doing a fundraiser all summer with my art - for every $5 you donate, you get your name put in a drawing for a mini original painting of your choice - either one I've done or one of your picture. Once a week, I'll do a drawing. That's a lot of free originals going out! The more you donate, the better your chance of winning! So get your photos and $ in! If you donate over $100 you automatically will get a mini painting. If you choose not to donate, you still get a chance of winning a free print. To see examples of mini paintings, visit this blog post...

This is an example of one of my 'sweet little nothings' and I'll be painting these all summer for my fundraiser! They are 5" x 3"

The fundraiser will be for my at-risk students. I'm trying to raise money to start a therapeutic horseback riding group for girls at risk of dropping out and/or getting pregnant. It just happens too much and I think the horses can help! I've found a great equine specialist to work with who is willing to give me a discount. I just need to raise the funds to pay for basic costs of doing the group. If I don't raise enough I'll use the funds like I have been, helping students pay for field trips, clothes, extracurricular activities, etc, that they otherwise would not be able to have. I just had a mother contact me because she couldn't afford to send her elementary child on an $11 field trip. Isn't that sad? I refuse to let that happen on my watch!
Another 'sweet little nothing" weighing in at 5" x 3"

You can donate by signing up at and sending me $ to If you'd rather send me a check, just let me know and we can arrange it! I appreciate all the contributions you've already made in these tight times. If you've contributed, you're already entered in the next drawing.

Little details...
The photo contest and the fundraiser will be somewhat separate. I'll continue the photo contest as is, so even if you don't donate you can get in the photo contest. If you happened to donate, you'll have a chance at not only a free print, but also an original. The winner of the photo contest will get a free print and a free painting IF they donated. They only get a free print if they didn't donate. I'll also do a drawing from the pool of donors for a winner of the free painting. So now you have two chances at winning some great art!

PS - Besides an artist, I'm a school social worker : )

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Kay said...

you are very generous..I hope I can donate..looking at finances this week!