Sunday, October 25, 2009

Come meet me!

November 6th I'm having a show at Village Artists Gallery in Columbia SC. It will be from 6-8 pm and there will be food, wine and great art. I'm unveiling several new paintings that night, so I hope you can come visit. I'd love to meet you!

As a special thank you to my patrons, I'm offering the following original for $1. I appreciate all the wonderful people I've worked with and I hope you know I love all of you!

Click on the picture to bid - right now it's only $1!!!

Here's the latest painting. It was a winner in my Facebook Photo Contest. If you'd like to enter your photo to win, please upload it here.

Click on the photo to buy a print. To inquire about the original please email me at r1achel at yahoo dot com. That's a one after the r.


Lauren Maurer said...

I hate I'm going to miss you!!! :(

Art with Liz said...

Oh wow Rachel, oh wow. What incredible colours and what an amazing painting!

Also love the cows - they seem to be a hot favourite at the moment and yours are ahead of the herd!

Phil said...

Great Painting,
the dark blue background really makes the image pop.


Nancy Medina said...

Wow Rachel, you have such amazing talent! wonderful work!

José said...


Those blues are awesome.

Kind regards,