Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Original Oil Painting - Toddler with Pretzel

I saw this precious little girl on a trip through Switzerland and just couldn't resist painting her - that pretzel is just about as big as she is! This is my one my first forays into oil painting, and I'm really excited about it. Thanks to Karin Jurick, I discovered masonite boards, and they are so much more fun to paint on than canvas. I've got several more oils coming!

"Toddler with Pretzel"
10" x 8"
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Carol Blackburn said...

She is awesome, Rachel. Such an expression on her face. And, yes that pretzel is gigantic.

Rachmeal said...

If this is one of your first forays into oil painting, I predict great things for you, and, a lot of fun! My compliments!

DJ said...

Good job, Rachel!
I'm enjoying the masonite panels, also. Sturdy stuff. Larger pieces get heavy, though.
Are yours cradled or flat?

cassie-b said...

Excellent! I didn't know you painted children. Can you send a copy to her family?

rachelsstudio.com said...

Thank you all! The masonite is just flat. Cassie - I didn't get their contact info so I won't send a copy.