Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vote for Rachel's next painting!

Vote for Rachel's next painting! The winner will get a free print of the painting and first dibs at the original. If you'd like to enter the next contest in two weeks, enter photos on flickr, Facebook, or Yahoo.

Hints for getting a photo juried into the poll: Don't use a flash, take the picture in natural light, and get down on your subjects's level, if you're submitting a photo of a pet or person. These make for much more paintable pictures.

What should rachelsstudio.com's next painting be?

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Carol Blackburn said...

I voted for the sunworshiping dog. Reminds me of an old pet of mine.

rachelsstudio.com said...

He's gorgeous!

j9feline said...

Hi Rachel,
I just voted and was wondering if you may know anyone who wants to adopt a kitten. I rescued 6 and I have 4 already so I am trying to find them homes.
Thanks a million!

rachelsstudio.com said...

Hi Janine - I live in SC so I don't know a lot of people in LA!

Anonymous said...

that sun worshiping dog is a great photo, the lighting and background is great and check out the curvature of his left ear. Great photo, whoever took it! (and a nice dog too)