Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Sadie Silhouette"
8" x 10"


I just don't get ugly, sad, pain-radiating art. I never could put my finger on exactly why, other than the obvious repulsion. Maybe it is someone's truth, so I don't want to knock it, and I want to be clear that I don't disapprove.

Mmmmmm, comforting

I just don't get it. Lately I've gotten a little more clarity about what DOES appeal to me about art, and it always has something to do with beauty. I've been studying different spiritual philosophies, including Buddhism and "The Secret". These have had a powerful effect on how I view life and art. In Buddhism, it is said that one should live completely in the moment by being aware.

Even baby Buddhas are aware, apparently! (And talented)

I think travel and art are two things that forces people into this state. You take in every detail with not just awareness, but awe. The senses are heightened and amazement is imparted by what would otherwise be mundane - crickets chirping, the locals, the trees, the architecture. Art forces us to be aware too.

Steve Mills shows how it is done - the every day reveals the sublime.

Why is a painting of every day objects so appealing, for example? It forces us to really look at that which we usually do not. And not only that, but we are forced to see the beauty, aka God's genius, right there in front of us. It invites us to gasp at the every day. Also, when I look at something of beauty, it reminds me of the Creator's perfection. I truly believe that there is a great spiritual depth to beauty - it is God's symbol that the sublime truly exists, and the beauty is proof if you don't believe.

I'm good in bed - I can sleep for days!

In the past, I've been defensive about painting what I love: the simple things (cats, cute dogs, etc etc). But I hope they make you gasp and remember that there are miracles to be observed every day, and they are sitting right in front of you if you just look.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just finished this one...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4rth of July!!!