Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Online Watercolor Lessons

Here is a sample of my online watercolor lessons...


Interested in signing up for online lessons?  Here's more info:

I have been videoing the entire process of a painting and explaining my process as I go from start to finish, just like you would see in a live class, only better, because the videos are shot so it's like you're hovering over my shoulder, instead of sitting in the back of a class room that you paid over $100 to be in. So far, I've done a demonstration of a bird and a black and white dog.  Next, I'll be posting my demonstration of the above Latvia landscape I posted in Virtual Paintout.

So for $30, you get to watch me paint 3 paintings all the way through via video!  You can go at your own pace and watch the videos on your own schedule.   Once you pay, I'll add your name to my private watercolor blog and let the fun begin!

Click the yellow "Buy Now" button to pay for your online watercolor lessons using Paypal. If you'd rather pay with a check or with a credit card payment directly to me, send me a message at rachel6parker @

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hydrangea Watercolor Painting

Just finished this painting.  I obsess about hydrangeas; I always have some 'babies' growing from cuttings in my kitchen.  They sure are a lot of work to paint though!!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Elephant Thoughts - a watercolor painting

Here's a watercolor painting I just finished for an online contest I'm participating in. I met this guy at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC.

Just a few more days, then I'll be able to paint a lot more! (School's almost out)  : )